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HR Consultation / Shaping organizational culture

Shaping organizational culture is a series of consciously structured organizational activities where the reasons behind changes and the organizational-business goals are closely connected.

Change appears in the life of an organization whether we want it or not. It comes up as a secondary, sometimes unintentional effect of certain projects, work procedure or organizational action. Shaping organizational culture on the other hand doesn’t happen on its own. The reasons for changes need to be known and analyzed (organizational diagnosis), this way the organizational goals and directions of the changes can be justified.

The secret to the success of shaping a modern organizational culture: to recognize the effects of spontaneous changes and to work out the rational action plans of expedient changes.

7 features for success

  1. Take a forward looking approach – We help to actively prepare for future changes rather than making present adjustments to past changes.

  2. Proactive behavior instead of reaction – We want to control our fate and future on our own. We provide help to do so with activating the organizational skills and the opportunities in the surrounding environment.

  3. Constantly looking for possibilities – The opportunities we can’t find will be found by our competitors. New opportunities require new services. We are not investigating cases to find out why something can’t be done, but for ways how it can be achieved.

  4. Turning negative situations into positive – To recognize a critical situation in time is crucial to avoid it or to benefit from it. We take part in creating innovative solutions.

  5. Leading rather than following – We are leaders in shaping culture, we don’t wait until external factors change us.

  6. Constant outside observation instead of introversion, or rather observing the inside from outside – Developing organizational skills to be able to observ the company through the customers’ eyes.

  7. Thinking in constant changes is the condition for successful organizational and partner strategies (whether you like it or not)

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