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Adult education has numerous alternatives. Lectures, frontal education or one using a different method, seminars, trainings, e-learning, etc. can be mentioned. As far as we aim for measureable and integrable skill improvement for our target group the most adequate solution is training.

During the training we provide goal-oriented preparation which includes

  1. improving self-knowledge

  2. distributing theoretical knowledge

  3. trying out practical application

  4. giving opportunities to provide feedback

  5. which makes us able to achieve the improvement of the competence we aimed for, and to show other ways to improve self-knowledge to participants


Training is a complex education form that includes all the elements below:

  • Self-knowledge

  • Improving competence

  • Acquiring theoretical knowledge

  • Practical implementation

  • Feedback


Further characteristics of a training

  • the training occurs in small groups (8-12 people)

  • participants get involved with active work

  • within the team work the role of the individual is emphasized

  • the aim is to attain the comprehensive competency to complete a certain task, activity or profession

These conditions contribute to making the content elements part of the personality so the needed personal features can provide a solid background for the acquired knowledge and practices during completing daily tasks even on the long run.

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