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The higher a leader is working on the top of an organization, the greater their impact is on the operations and the success of changes. This is the area where a customized development process, leadership coaching can help which we recommend to leaders and decision makers.

Individual coaching meets the increasing demand for learning to be an effective, customized process rather than just the reception of necessary and unnecessary forms.

What are the benefits of individual coaching for a leader?

  • It helps developing a people oriented leadership style – crucial for keeping the valuable workers on board

  • It increases the effectiveness of communication which improves the acceptance of the leader

  • It provides methods that make employee feedback a useful asset for their development

  • The leader can learn how to help the individual development process of the colleagues

  • Leaders become more aware about their strengths which helps them to use these more effectively throughout daily work


If we take a closer look at the development methods we can see the differences between individual coaching and other techniques. The success of individual coaching comes from the fact that it can easily cross the boundaries of other trainings and development approaches. These are:

  1. Individual coaching is by definition an “on the job” and “just in time” program

  2. The client creates the program so it is the most relevant and personalized possible

  3. Individual leadership development is a process, that means there is enough time to overcome obstacles and fallbacks

  4. Individual coaching is customized and happens in “one piece”. The consultants align the needs and preferences to their clients and not to other factors

  5. The sequence of the process: measurement -  development - measurement guarantees to achieve the desired result

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