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Organization development (OD) is an English concept, according to the classic definition of R. Beckhard organization development is:

  1. Planned interference: it builds on the systematic analysis and state diagnosis of the organization

  2. Covers the entire organization: changes are systematic, they affect the whole organization (or unit) their goal is to completely reform the operation (for example: change of organization culture)

  3. The effort is established from the top of the organization: the success lies in the commitment of the top leaders to the program and its achievements, leaders have to actively participate and stand for the methods and goals of the program

  4. The goal: to extend the sufficiency and viability of the organization, to strengthen the ability to change and create readiness for the change

  5. Planned changes of the organization processes using the knowledge of behavioral science


Organizational diagnosis

Organizational diagnosis observes the following

– the current state of the organization’s culture

– the awareness of the mission, vision and strategy of the company

– the sufficiency of the leadership

– the quality of internal communication and customer service

– the satisfaction of the employees

which contribute to achieving the organizational goals.


If it can’t be measured, it can’t be improved!


Methods most commonly used for organizational diagnosis:

Surveys and interviews

Our professionals are available to provide survey technologies and personal interviews based on the newest research findings. For example: Organization Culture Analysis, SWOT analysis, External/Internal Client Satisfaction Surveys, etc.

On top of the planning of the organization development program for our client based on survey findings, our services also include the support for the implementation of these plans.

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